In order to stay ahead of others we have invested heavily in our infrastructure. It is the cutting technology, which gives us edge over others. Our in-house production unit is equipped with the state-of-the-art machines. We have modern machines to carry out any bulk order according to the specifications provided by the customer.

Purchase of Yarn

We are purchasing the yarn directly from the mills which had come across generations having very good knowledge in purchasing the rich mixture of cotton and proceeds to get the end product.

Yarn Dyeing

We are very well specialized in this process. All the types of dyeing techniques are been followed to achieve the shades and standards.


Capacity of weaving machines on tied up basis, 500 Power looms with smaller size to wider width. 400 Handlooms for the production of Mats, Rugs, Voile Fabrics and any other fabrics necessary from regular sizes to wider ones.


To enhance the quality of stitching we have installed imported power machines such as Zuki, Brother and the work is done by Skilled tailors in order to maintain its best finish and timely delivery.

Checking & Packing

We undergo checking under several stages. First of all the fabric is checked on the loom stage and dispatched it to the stitching. After stitching it is checked by contract labors and the checking was made by our permanent laborers. This process is regularly done in order to supply quality products.


A separate team of experts are employed in safe and timely delivery. All the modes of transportation are used. We are well connected by Roads to the nearest Ship Yard and Air Ports.